Weekend of All-Stars

Howdy fantasy footballers!

Can you believe February is almost over?  Time has flown by this year. Soon it’ll be Opening Day for the MLB. But before that, let’s talk about this weekend. For those of you who still follow football in the off-season, the NFL Combine has been underway. The biggest names on the field? Luck vs RG3. It is a battle of who gets drafted first and if RG3 can show scouts he needs to be the number 2 pick if he doesn’t go first. I know a 40 time does not mean much when you play QB, but RG3 had a 4.41. That’s Vick fast. And Luck? Remember last year’s number one overall pick? Cam Newton, the athletic freak at Auburn who had scouts scrambling for his attention. Well Luck ran the same 40 time. Not once did I see that coming. I am not saying Luck is not athletic and strong. I just never imagined his quickness. But again a 40 yard time does not really mean anything for a QB. The biggest thing about the Combine is what it means. Performance at the Combine does have some correlation to success in the NFL but it is not a good predictive measure. Also in the NFL, free agency is well under way. Big names like Mario Williams, Foster, John Abraham, Matt Flynn and Matt Forte are some of the players that could stay or leave.

Some of y’all saw Ryan Braun win an appeal against the MLB. The MLB was looking to suspend the MVP winner but Braun fought back tooth and nail and won. And than there are those who watched the NBA All-Star weekend. Friday night showcased celebrities, Legends, and the US Secretary of Education. The best moment on Friday night was Kevin Hart, who after being ejected, won the MVP for the Celebrity game. After promising to go 40 and 10, he instead went 8 and 6. Not bad for a guy that can easily get dunked over. Key word: over. We have to see if the NBA and David Stern fine Kevin Hart for his actions against the officials and Mark Cuban for being Mark Cuban. I think $25k for both is reasonable. Saturday had other events such as the Skills Challenge, Rising Stars Challenge, 3 Point Contest and the Dunk Contest. Here is my pet peeve: the Dunk Contest has become the main All-Star event. And while it’s popularity has increased, the level of dunks has decreased. Back in the day you had Jordan, Vince Carter, D.Wilkins, Dr. J, Spudd Webb and McGrady going for the win. (Super)stars competing in the contest. Want to make the contest better? [I mean this year's dunk contest was not all that great - give it till April and the public will forget who won and competed]. Have Ibaka, Howard, Griffin, Lebron, Wade, and even Westbrook or DeAndre Jordan compete. Guys that are athletic freaks that can put on a show. I mean this year we had three different dunks involving jumping over another person (or two). Where is the creativity? Where is the pure athletic power that Vince Carter, Wilkins, and Jordan used to bring? You cannot possibly tell me athletic power has gone down with new training methods and technological advancements. Stop with the flashy dunk attempts that take 8 tries or the gimmicky props.

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